A New Business Owner’s Guide To Create A Customer Journey Map

Understanding customer experience is not rocket science. Still, many companies need to pay more attention to their clientele’s intentions and pain points. That’s why a customer journey map is an integral part of any business strategy. Recent statistics show that 66% of customers expect companies to understand their needs. And what can be a better way to do it than following through the customer journey at every stage of their experience?

Defining The Term

What is a customer journey map? This is a clear and straightforward depiction of the client experience from start to finish. All the points of contact between the brand and its clients should be described in this mapping. Graphics, diagrams, illustrations, and presentations are possible formats for visualizing this information. Customer journey maps enable businesses to put themselves in the position of their target market and see the brand, products, and procedures from their point of view. Additionally, they aid in gauging customers’ motivation and moods at all the outlined customer journey map stages.

How To Map A Customer Journey? Step-By-Step Process

The process of putting together a customer journey structure can be time-consuming. Companies must be precise and attentive to keep all stages from falling out of the plan. So, how to map a customer journey in a way that will describe all the essential aspects?

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Buyer Persona — Who Are They?

Determining buyer persona is a fundamental first step of customer research. You must first understand your clients’ identities to understand what they might experience. However, the fact that your customers will interact with your business and its goods differently at various points in their customer journey makes it impractical to have just one buyer persona.

What Are The Buyer’s Goals?

In this case, it’s critical to delve further into the persona and discover what they seek to acquire along their customer journey. It also applies to their objectives, which may evolve due to their interactions with the business.

Defining The Touchpoints

It means tracking down every interaction between the customer and the company. Whether it’s happening online or offline, through in-house customer support or a call center outsourcing team, it doesn’t matter. At this stage, companies can also form a scenario to track the whole path considering all the details.

Customers And Their Pain Points

The stage brings together all the collected data to create the bigger picture. At this point, it will be easier to identify the roadblocks of the customers’ journey, where are the points of frustration or dissatisfaction.

Tracking The Progress

Companies need to keep tabs on the most crucial indexes to implement an outline map. In this situation, some KPIs that may be beneficial include net promoter score (NPS), customer service experience metrics, quantitative evaluations of consumer emotions, and assessments of the significance/utility of particular touchpoints.

Benefits Of Creating A Customer Journey Map

As it was pointed out, it’s crucial for companies to know how to create a customer journey map. Clients are at the base of every business. Therefore, companies ensure their own growth and development by keeping them engaged and satisfied. However, there’s even more to it.

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Creation Of Personal Connection

When selling something, companies don’t just sell things but emotions as well. Creating a customer journey map will help to build communication with the customers in a way that will make them feel heard and cared for. We are all humans, after all.


With the help of a customer journey map, b2b companies can also find their areas for improvement and the problems that need resolution. As such, they prove to be responsible for the development of the process and the brand in general.


Companies can concentrate on fixing problems once they identify them through customer journey mapping. It will support the development of a more thorough corporate strategy.

A customer journey map is a key for every company to understand its clients, their wants and needs, and build strong empathetic connections with them. It can help grow a solid clientele base and develop a proactive business strategy. Once a company grasps the motivation of its customers, it needs to organize effective communication with them. It will allow the businesses to expand their influence even further.