How To Improve Your Etsy Store Ratings

Customers are no longer enticed to buy from big-box retailers. Instead, they want to support small businesses and put money in the pockets of people that truly deserve it. Plus, the best way to find special products and services is by seeking out independent business owners. Etsy has become the number one online marketplace for creative goods and unique items. Many successful small businesses follow direct response advertising tactics to get ahead of eCommerce competitors. However, with so many suppliers to choose from, how can you entice potential customers to pick your store? A five-star rating is the best way to make your shop stand out from the crowd. Here are six tips to help you improve your online reputation.

Treat Your Customers with Care

No matter how many orders you start to receive, you should always treat every customer as if they were your first. Be appreciative of their order and maintain a high quality of service with every new person that interacts with your store.

Pick a Reliable Courier Service

Part of delivering a great experience involves making sure the product reaches its intended destination in a timely manner. Customers don’t want to wait around for a product or deal with any inconveniences. Reach out to a team like Cleveland Couriers to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Create Beautiful Packaging

High quality service is not just about the product your customer receives, it’s the full experience. Try to create beautiful and thoughtful packaging that is representative of your branding. You can include a hand-written note with their name, brochure designs, and a discount code for future purchases.

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Rectify Any Mistakes in a Timely Fashion

If an accident does occur, such as a lost parcel or erroneous order, don’t panic. Accidents happen, it’s what you make of them that truly counts. Never ignore the issue. Instead, reach out and apologize for your service by offering them a full refund. Learn from your mistakes and find ways to avoid this from happening in the future. You can even turn mistakes into valuable life lessons.

Always Follow Up After Your Order

The customer experience does not end once your customer opens the gift. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask them how the enjoyed your brand, product, and service. Invest in marketing automation tools to help you stay on-top of incoming customer orders. However, make sure to time this correctly as you don’t want to come across as too pushy. This is a great time to ask for feedback and take into account any valuable information.

Offer Bundle Discounts

Everybody likes to feel like they got a great deal. If you want to keep customers happy and get through more stock, you can offer bundle deals. Essentially, this involves giving your customers a small discount when they purchase more than one or two items. Before you do, weigh out the advantages of offering business discounts.

Offering immaculate customer service is the easiest way to improve your Etsy store ratings. Plus, it also gives your audience more incentive to spread the word about your business and encourage their friends or family to make a purchase. If you’re still not sure how to improve your level of service, simply ask yourself how you would like to be treated and make the necessary changes.

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